HORNADY 303/7.7MM(.312) 150gr BULLET SpirePt 100/BX

HORNADY 303/7.7MM(.312) 150gr BULLET SpirePt 100/BX
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Product Information

Hornady's traditional line of bullets feature exposed lead tips for controlled expansion and hard-hitting terminal performance. Most have their pioneering secant ogive design — one of the most ballistically efficient profiles ever developed. Most also feature their exclusive InterLock® design — a raised ring inside the jacket that is embedded in the bullet's core that keeps the core and jacket locked together during expansion to retain mass and energy.

  • INNER GROOVES:  Strategically weaken the upper section of the jacket, ensuring consistent, controlled expansion, even at long range.
  • TAPERED JACKET:  Jacket thickness is precisely controlled for expansion at all velocities.
  • ONE-PIECE CORE:  Does not separate like two-piece divided cores. The InterLock® retains more mass and energy for deep penetration and large, consistent wound channels that ensure quick, clean kills.
  • CANNELURE:  Provides accurate and consistent crimping and also works with InterLock® ring to ensure the core and jacket remain locked during expansion.
  • INTERLOCK® RING:  The raised InterLock® ring is embedded in the bullet's core, ensuring the core and jacket are locked in one piece during expansion to retain mass and energy.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Technical Notes

CALIBER:  303 Cal. .312" SP






APPLICATION:  Medium Game 50-300 lbs, Large Game 300-1500 lbs


ITEM #:  3120

Read 29 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Great performer!

By James V. on Feb 14, 2024
I needed bullets for three milsurp calibers I had never reloaded before. These Interlocks have worked out perfectly with far better accuracy than I could have anticipated.

Great bullet for several loads

By Jon C. on Jan 16, 2024
Picked these up for use in my 7.65 Argy Mauser and .303 Enfields. I'm not trying to build gallery loads but also don't need screamers or heavy hitters. They're perfect for what I need and if I ever get around to doing precision loads for my Finnish rifles, these will be a great start. With the narrow availability of these bullets, it's great to stock up on another box every few months.

Very Accurate - PSL

By Gary S. on Dec 18, 2023
Sub-MOA 5-shot group at 100 Yds w/IMR-4895 at velocity of +/- 2750fps. Hornady bullets have been great performers in all of the calibers that I load. I want some more of these projectiles!
I received free (and fast) shipping from Graf & Sons during holiday special. Their regular flat-rate shipping cost is a bargain too.
Thank you Grafs.

Great for Milsurp Reloading

By James H. on Dec 06, 2023
Used with great success on Lee Enfield and Arisaka T99 rifles.


By Chris B. on Nov 24, 2023
These work great for the PU Mosin. Very consistent groupings. Clean burn with IMR 3031.

Type 99

By Charlene O. on Nov 21, 2023
These perform great from my Jap T-99 rifle. I'll be buying again

150 gr SP

By James B. on Sep 23, 2023
This is an excellent bullet for deer sized game. My plan was to use it in my Winchester model 1895 in 30-03 that had an oversized bore. It didn’t work out as planned. Although the bullets were near perfect in dimension and weight, the old girl couldn’t keep them tight enough at 100yds to be a reliable deer killer. Oh well, back to the drawing board!


Hornady .312 150 gn sp

By David W. on Sep 19, 2023
A very good bullet for my .303 british

HORNADY 303/7.7MM(.312) 150gr BULLET SpirePt 100/BX

By Randy S. on Sep 13, 2023
Great bullets. Always a Hornady fan. These work great for 7.62X54R is my rifles. Great service from Grafs as usual.

Hornady. Dare I say more?

By William H. on May 31, 2023
These work well in my Enfields. Hornady always makes a consistent bullet, regardless of the caliber. I do not currently reload for 7.7 but when I do I plan to use these! They’re worth it.

Good on 7.62 x 54R too

By Loc N. on Apr 28, 2023
Bought these to reload for my Enfields 303 but found them working well on the Mosins too.

S.M.L.E. .303British

By Patrick B. on Mar 30, 2023
This is the bullet that my S.M.L.E. likes best.
They are .312 diameter, not the .311 that all other brands offer. This gives a better fit especially if your old milsurp is a bit overbore from extensive firing.

Hornady 303 150gr

By Lyle B. on Feb 10, 2023
Works great in my No.4 MK1 and my 7.7 Arisaka rifles.

hornady .303/7.7mm (.312) 150 gr. spire point bullet

By William K. on Feb 05, 2023
Work well in Mosin Nagants, and my type 99 Arisaka. Good 100 yard accuracy. .312 size helps with slightly worn bores. Good value.


By David S. on Dec 29, 2022
Just bought these and loaded a few up for the Nagant. These bullets gave me much better grouping than the standard surplus! Great product and shipping!

.308 for 7.7x58

By Joe C. on Dec 22, 2022
Good pricing for today’s market, fast shipping and excellent service

An excellent choice

By Timothy K. on Dec 13, 2022
I discovered these a few years back for Mosin loading. Some PU snipers like 150gr bullets, and many Mosin bores like .312's best. Enter this bullet from Hornady! Highly recommend.

Go to Bullet

By Michael G. on Dec 12, 2022
This is my favorite bullet to shoot in my Arisaka Type 99. It has great accuracy. I am happy to see that these are back in stock. Probably should have purchased more.

.303 spirepoint

By Lynn S. on Dec 09, 2022
This is my bullet of choice for my Mosin Nagant loadings and was my first choice to load for a new 7.65 argentine,

Japanese Arisaka

By Marc E. on Dec 09, 2022
This is the ideal bullet for the 7.7mm Japanese Arisaka rifle.

Great bullet

By Fred O. on Dec 07, 2022
I've been using this bullet in reloading my 7.65 Argentine
1891 Mauser for the last 63 years and I find it to be just as accurate as my Remington 700 5R 308. I'm talking , 1 ragged hole 8 rds at 100 yards. Thank you Hornady!

Hornady bullets

By James H. on Aug 25, 2020
Shoots great in my Mosin Nagant

HORNADY 303/7.7MM(.312) 150gr BULLET

By Bob N. on Jul 10, 2020
Good value, great product. Will purchase again.

Good Value

By Robert G. on Jun 02, 2020
Worked perfect for my 7.62x54R. Will buy again.


By Robert M. on Mar 24, 2020
Pretty darn consistent in my No. 4 Enfield! I'm very pleased with the accuracy and more so with the price.

Work great in my Arisaka T99 7.7x58 Japanese rifle

By Daniel R. on Apr 07, 2019
I considered several different bullets for my first run of loading 7.7x58 Japanese ammo and I settled on these bullets. Glad I did. Very accurate, high quality and made right. Priced reasonably at Graf's.

Hornady Spire Point .312

By Jonathan E. on Feb 26, 2019
Shoots really well in my No5 Jungle Carbine and No 4 rifle (Enfield).


By Richard E. on Oct 27, 2018
Very please on how these shoot in my 1891 mauser


By Mark G. on Aug 30, 2018
These work great in my Arisaka.
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