Graf Corn Cob Untreated Tumbler Media 10 Pound

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Graf Corn Cob Untreated Tumbler Media 10 Pound
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Product Information

For use with vibratory case tumblers. Corn media is more porous than walnut and therefore absorbs brass polish slightly better than walnut. As a result, corn is an excellent polishing media. For best results, treat media with Graf Hi-Luster Brass Polish (sold separately).

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This media works just fine

By Tim C. on Mar 30, 2014
I have been using Graf’s corn cob media for over 10 years and love it. Yes, it can plug a primer pocket and sooner or later it will. The solution I found is a dentist pick which works great for removing the media from the flash hole. I have also used, over the years, every media on the market and Graf’s media is far cleaner than anyone else’s.

Graf's corn cob media

By Danny C. on Jul 20, 2013
tumble your brass before you decap your cases! after you clean the pockets with a pocket brush. I have found that this is the fastest and easiest way to clean my brass, but if you like cleaning the flash holes then decap them first!

Graf Corn Cob Untreated Media

By Allen C. on Mar 29, 2013
I spent 60 min. cleaning out the primer flash holes on a batch of two hundred .223 Rem. cases after using this media for the first time. It cleaned the brass well enough, but the mesh size is not well suited for small rifle primer pockets, i.e. it sticks in the flash holes and blocks them. I would not have purchased this product if I had known this in advance. It might work O.K. for cases with large rifle and pistol primers, I will have to try it out and see. Not Recomended!!!
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