Graf Hi-Luster Brass Polish 8oz

Graf Hi-Luster Brass Polish 8oz
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Product Information

Graf Hi-Luster Brass Polish cuts tumbling time down and leaves brass with a shiny, like new finish even with the dirtiest cases. A little goes a long way - just add a few teaspoons directly to the media in your tumbler. Contains no ammonia.

Contents: Water, petroleum solvents, silicones, silicone dioxide, abrasives, oleic acid, amine, dye

Made in the USA.

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Benzene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to



WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 18 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

The best polish I've tried

By Kamran D. on Dec 20, 2023
This works just as well as the "big name" brass polishes and is at a better price. It also doesn't separate after long standing like some others do--I shake the bottle a bit and then pour it into my media, and get excellent results every time. Leaves a high shine and has a pleasant smell. My go to brand!

Gets 'em shinier than media alone

By David B. on Oct 31, 2023
This polish helps make range pickups look like new. I'm a scrounger from way back, but my finished ammo often looks better than most factory stuff.

Cleans Well!!

By Greg S. on Oct 13, 2022
This is the first time I have used Graf's polish; it works great and I will be ordering more!!

Graf’s brass polish

By John S. on Jul 26, 2022
I have not used my tumbler in some time.. I wound up working with some 50 BMG cases that Were very tarnished. I tumbled them for about 12 hours using stainless steel media, with little effect! I used some corn cob media with the Graf polish and put them in a vibrating tumbler for about 9 hours and they looked great!

Graf brass polish

By Roger M. on Apr 06, 2021
A wonderful tool for the hand loaders bench. I use the corncob media & polish together. Brings out a like new shine on cartridge brass.

The good stuff

By Charles W. on Nov 29, 2020
NIce clean brass

Graf Hi-Luster 8oz Brass Polish

By Victor T. on Aug 18, 2020
I was out of brass polish and thought I'd give Graf's brass polish a try . Glad I did ! Graf's polish cleaned the military brass I used and left a high shine . I'm happy and my customers are happy . Nuf' said.

Graf’s Brass Polish is Great

By Kevin L. on Apr 07, 2020
I recently ran out of my last bottle of polish and was happy to see it was still available. I’ve been using it their product for over 15 years and it make the brass go to a high luster. Recommended for anyone who wants a professional job out of their media.

Love this Product

By Kent E. on Oct 30, 2019
I have tried multiple other polishes over the years and this one is by far the best ! It cleans well & the finish makes reloads look like new ammo

Great Product

By Fredrick W H. on May 21, 2019
I have always used the same brand for 20 years but just tried this to try it. I should have started buying this a long time ago it is a wonderful polish and a little goes a long way.

Graf brass polish

By Robert D. on May 21, 2019
I have only used it once but it seems to do a good job.

Shiny brass!!!

By Ted I. on Apr 08, 2019
What's not to like? Makes my brass nice and shiny.

Won't tumble without it!

By Kevin K. on Apr 01, 2019
This stuff is amazing. In 2-3 hours, my brass looks new! I tried tumbling dirty brass with just media and got mediocre results even after 5-6 hours. You will love this polish.

Definitely 5*

By Bruce F. on Mar 28, 2019
I've tried quite a few different vibratory brass polishing agents over the years. Graf's Hi-Luster has already become one of my top 2 favorites. Performs as advertised.

Hi-Luster is truth!

By Mark S. on Jan 17, 2019
Brass comes out quite shiny and easy to process! Works great, just ordered a bunch more. Sure wish it came in a bigger size, though... Get some!

Graf Hi-Luster Brass Polish

By Stephen B. on Dec 14, 2018
I find this to be an excellent product. I add two capfuls to the walnut media in my Lyman Vibratory Tumbler and run the tumbler for about five minutes before adding the brass. The brass invariably comes out with a good appearance. The polish has no discernable odor, and it does not leave any sort of film or residue on the brass. It seems to work well no matter how many times I have used the walnut media.

Works great!

By Aaron R. on Mar 28, 2017
This works much better than the homemade version I was trying before. No residue and the brass looks brand new even after sitting out for awhile. Also as another has mentioned it doesn't have a strong "chemical" smell. Would definitely buy again.


By Tim C. on Mar 30, 2014
I have found that Graf’s brass polish doesn’t leave the residue film on the brass that other polishes put down. This polish cleans as well, if not better, then others and even military once fired brass comes out looking like it was new. The lack of mess and pleasant smell just add to the quality of this product. Try it you’ll see the difference.
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