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Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

Semi-process used brass has been cleaned but not deprimed. May contain commercial and military mix depending on caliber. This is not loaded ammunition.

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By Warren R. on Jun 04, 2020
Excellent Deal! With the current prices of .380 auto plinking ammo, this is a sure deal to keep your shooting cheap! Very pleased with the quality and will definitely order more.

Excellent Brass

By Timothy M. on May 16, 2020
I sorted through the 3 bags I had purchased and only had to discard one of the brass cases due to rim damage. All of the cases were 380 cases. Brass cleaned up nicely in my ultrasonic cleaner (even though cleaning probably wasn't necessary, but I like mine as clean as can be). No problems resizing or repriming. Really happy with purchase!

Nothing you wouldn't expect for used brass

By Steven B. on Dec 03, 2018
It's an economical bag of range brass. It requires some sorting and there'll be a few oddballs mixed in. A few bent ones that'll generally straighten right out during sizing, maybe a few 32's and steel berdans, but it's fine. It's not sold as new or reconditioned. The only better value in used .380 is to pick it up yourself - good luck finding anybody shooting enough .380 for that. Makes this a solid buy.

Used 380 ACP Brass

By James L. on Sep 05, 2018
This brass is economical. Out of 500 pcs I had one 9 mm Luger and one Makarov. Both were easy to find as they did not fit into the cartridge case adapter on the press. The brass was clean enough to load but I tumbled it for a couple of hours just to get a little extra shine. No problems, no bent case mouths, and no split cases. This product is fine.

380 acp once fired brass

By Samuel J. on Oct 14, 2012
For half the price of new brass, this is a value purchase. However, it must sorted very carefully.

I ordered 5, 100 pc packages each had 100 to 102 pcs I ended up with 32 9x19 lugger, 1 32acp, 1 9x18 makarov, 1 berdan primed 380, and 1 380 live round with half the bullet missing
unfired primer and powder. I can now make 380 ammo for around $11.00 a box cheapest retail I can find is around $14.00 + tax for brass case so I'll invest a little of my time for that savings.
I reload 9x19 lugger as well so the 32 pcs won't go to waste.
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