PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 303cal (.311) 150gr FMJBT 50/BAG

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 303cal (.311) 150gr FMJBT 50/BAG
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Product Information

Prvi Partizan was founded in 1928 and today produces over 350 types of rifle, pistol , revolver and small arms ammunition. Prvi Partizan bulk bullets feature a lead core and copper jacket. Imported from Serbia. This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 35 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

150 Grain .311 Bullets for 7.62x54R loading

By Chiplon W. on Jan 09, 2024
Fantastic bullets and easy to load. Always use Graf-

Excellent Bullets

By Robert T. on Jan 01, 2024
I like Privi Partisan products-good quality at reasonable prices. Plus they meet my needs for loading for the Finish M39 rifle. Excellent customer service from Grafs too. Highly recommend.

.311 Bullets

By Edward S. on Dec 06, 2023
A first try on these worked out with 5 in the bullseye after a 2 shot adjustment.

Excellent bullet for PSL.

By Christopher M. on Aug 07, 2023
I love these .311 150gr FMJBTs! It’s actually the only boattail bullet in this size and weight out there I’ve been able to find, which is why I tried them. I’m using them in 7.62x54r. I have a PSL that I use in these “vintage sniper” shoots at my local club. I’ve had excellent results with the bullet. There’s a bit of weight variation in these bullets, but so far I haven’t noticed any significant effects from it-I’m getting about 1 MOA pretty consistently without sorting them or anything. We shoot out past 600, and I haven’t had issues hitting even the small targets at that distance. A friend of mine is getting the same results from his PSL, so my experience is not a fluke. I hope we can continue to get these for a long time.

PPU 150 gr FMJ .311 size

By William K. on Nov 25, 2022
Shoot OK in my Mosin-Nagants. Finally a .311 FMJ besides pulled bullets. That said the PPU 150 Soft Points shoot better at the same price. PPU is pretty much the only game in town for affordable .311's these days.

7.7 bullets

By Tom T. on Oct 26, 2022
Good all around bullet for target practice

Lee die set Bullets and PPU brass

By Wiliam S. on Sep 13, 2022
Everything works as intended very good products

Excellent bullets

By Gregory W. on Aug 17, 2022
I've used PPU components for many years and have been pleased with them. Finding bullets for the .303 British has been a challenge lately so I am happy to see PPU is coming through. They work fine.

Good Bullet

By Ian W. on Aug 12, 2022
Nice well made bullet. I have tried the FMJ and soft point both shoot well from a No4 Mk1 Enfield


By Hershel L. on Feb 13, 2022
Bullets look great and load up great for shooting out of my Enfield. Nice accuracy for an older rifle!

PPU .311 150 gr Bullets

By Dan P. on Dec 11, 2020
I have purchased quite a few of these. I use them for reloads in my .303 No4 Enfield. They are accurate.

PPU .311 Bullets

By Keith E. on Dec 09, 2020
Great bullets! My 1917 No.1 really likes these!!

Excellent Bullet

By David L. on Dec 08, 2020
Bullet weight consistent from lot to lot - very impressed with the quality.

Arisaka ammo

By Richard H. on Nov 27, 2020
Looking forward to trying this one out!

Prvi Partizan .311 cal. 150 gr.

By Max W. on Nov 27, 2020
Works wonders in my old Mosin (it's so beat up I think it must have been at Stalingrad?) shoots great with IMR 4064....

Reloading the 7.62x54r Mosin with these

By Stanley S. on Nov 19, 2020
Very good quality and protective package. Each bag has an inspection slip which is nice to see. This is my go to brand for all my reloading, now if we can just get primers..........

Good for paper shooting

By Gary M. on Nov 17, 2020
I have used about 20 so far. Each measured .311" in diameter. The weights of the ones I have used have varied from 151.0 grs to 151.3 grs. Some others weighed as high as 153.0 grs. Good enough for paper shooting from a Lee-Enfield.

150gr. FMJBT

By Danny S. on Nov 11, 2020
Great looking and shooting bullet. I have loaded these in 7.7x58 Arisaka and British 303. Ammo looks good when loaded and shoots with no problems at all!

Works Well for .303 British and 7.62x54R

By Robert H. on Nov 03, 2020
Pretty consistent bullets and cost effective for good modern loads on these old rifles. Also shoots well out of the modern SVD

Excellent in 7.65X53 Argentine Mauser

By Ron G. on Aug 19, 2020
The 150 FMJBT bullets from Prvi preformed very well when loaded for my 1909 Argentine Mauser Carbine. Groups were excellent using Trail Boss Powder for light loads at 50-100 yard stell targets.

Great for Arisakas and Enfields

By Matthew H. on Jul 30, 2020
These work great in my Japanese and British rifles. Very uniform and accurate. One star off because my most recent shipment did not have the cannelure as is pictured. I seem to recall in the past they did have a cannelure, which I like for my military loads.

7.7x58 LMG

By Mark C. on Jul 16, 2020
These bullets should be your standard Japanese Machine gun load. It is accurate at long range and pressures that are not so hard on our rare NFA treasures!

Partisan FMJ .311 cal bullets

By JAMES C M. on Jun 10, 2020
Worked perfect with the Brass suggested by retailer.

ppu 311 bullets

By Christopher H. on Jan 13, 2020
excellent bullets,I use them for my #4 Enfield, with PPU brass

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 303cal (.311) 150gr FMJBT 50/BAG

By Shandan K. on Dec 21, 2019
great buy will buy again

Perfect for my M44

By Kevin U. on Nov 04, 2019
Bullets performed well in all of my Mosins. Would buy again.

Excellent for The PSL

By Angel P. on Jul 10, 2019
This is the only 150gr .311dia Bullet that works great on the Romanian PSL. There's just one thing that's different from the picture is that these bullets don't have a canallure but other than that there outstanding bullets. They give me 1/2"MOA at 100yds

only bullets I use for my Mosins

By Virginia B. on May 09, 2019
Because these are the correct diameter and mimic the original military bullets, I only use Prvi in my mosins. Excellent value and performance!

great buy

By Chris R. on Apr 17, 2019
got 500 and need 500 more

Proper diameter

By Alexander M. on Feb 26, 2019
These bullets are the proper .311 caliber for use in Enfields, Arisakas, and Mosins. The equivalent product made by Hornady are just .3105 caliber, which have caused me unending grief with insufficient neck tension. Excellent bullets.

My Enfield likes it

By Trace P. on Feb 14, 2019
Shoots great in my no4 mk1

PRVI Partizan Bullets .303 cal. (.311) FMJBT 150 gr 100/bag

By Gregory S. on Aug 10, 2018
$.27 per round. All bullets consistent in size. Highly recommend.
Greg S.

Outstanding accuracy results from my Arisaka Type 99

By Dyllan S. on Jun 25, 2018
No problems hitting my targets between the 50-500 yard range with iron sights using Privi Partizan's 150 grain FMJBT projectiles reloaded for my Arisaka Type 99. Groupings were very consistent and ballistics outperformed my expectations. Excellent product and highly reccomend!

Excellent in modified mosin

By Michael S. on Nov 07, 2014
Very consistent results using these bullets with Varget Powder. I will definitely get more when they become available again.

prvi partizan bullets .311 cal.

By Michael M. on Oct 30, 2013
I had excellent results with the 150gr. FMJBT bullets from Prvi. I used these in a No.1 Enfield rifle, and at 100 yrds. from a rest was able to shoot a 1 1/8 inch group. Great results, and very affordable for the cost of these bullets.
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