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Product Information

The 3-Die Roll Crimp Set is for loading straight-wall cartridges. Its steel Sizer Die sizes the case and de-primes. Note: Cases must be lubricated. The Expander Die expands the case to the proper diameter to accept the bullet, and it imparts case mouth flare/bell for bullet feeding. The Seater Die seats the bullet and roll crimps. Shellholder sold separately.

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1876 Winchester

By Roger R. on Nov 20, 2020
Can't find brass anywhere so I had to make it myself.
This die set works very nicely. Setup was, as usual on any RCBS die, produces very nice brass and reformed my 50-90 Sharps brass rather nicely without any dents.
I reformed 45-75WCF from 50-90 Sharps as well using
RCBS dies. I only lubed lower 1" of shell and then FL
sized using 5 strokes to complete. About a 1/4" down
each time until the entire neck and shoulder was
complete. No denting whatsoever! Great product by
RCBS as usual. I have purchased at least 20 dies sets
by RCBS since 1976, they are made well and they stand
behind what they make, presses too!

50-95 WCF DIES

By Stuart V. on Sep 12, 2019
No one has 50-110 WCF dies for a reasonable price. So, bought these dies. The dies have worked fine. All adjustments are maxed out. Of course, the only thing that can be done is "neck" sizing. But, that has worked ok so far. I really like Graf's shipping known cost. Plus, always check them first, usually lowest price, thank you. Really wish someone would make 50-110 WCF dies for a reasonable price, especially since it is a simple straight wall case, oh well.
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