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Product Information

If you're tired of picking up your brass after a long day at the range, the Caldwell Universal Brass Trap is just the solution you're looking for. The Universal Brass Trap can be quickly assembled and setup to catch your rifle or pistol brass casings. This trap's nylon mesh bag is heat resistant and will not flap around in the wind. To collect your brass, simply unzip the bottom zipper. Collapses easily and fits in an included storage bag for easy transport.

Technical Notes

  • Base Height: 21"
  • Depth From Opening: 19"
  • Opening Width: 17"

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Poor design

By David M. on Nov 07, 2022
This brass trap looked good in the online description, but it has two design flaws that make it unusable for me. Firstly, it will not stay upright when placed on a bench by itself. The metal base plate is too small, allowing the trap to tip over when it gets hit by brass. Duct tape might work, but I use a bench mat, so I don't have that option. I cannot find a tripod short enough to allow use of this trap on the bench. Secondly, the net is too wide-open and too taught. About 50% of the time, brass that enters the net bounces out. The net should be a looser, funnel-shaped design. I'm sorry, but I can't recommend this product.

Caldwell Brass Trap

By Leslie C. on Mar 07, 2020
I have tried this trap with my Colt 1911's. My colts threw all their empties up and out as is normal. Most of my empties hit the upper solid section of the trap and bounced out, no matter how it was adjusted. The good news was that all the empties were in one small area instead of being spread out. My neighbors pistol would through some empties up and out, or back over his right shoulder but never at the same angles so it did not help much with his weapon. I believe it is more useful with a weapon that ejects straight out the side but can help limit the empty search area.
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