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Product Information

Lyman's new Borescope provides active shooters with the means to carefully inspect the bores of their firearms for wear, throat erosion, tool marks, and other rifling or chamber damage, as well as for checking for fouling. The scope will fit 20 caliber and larger barrels and works with miniature camera technology. The display will show a clear image of the inside of the barrel and also allows you to take a photo of the bore. The image will be stored on a standard SD card and can later be viewed on a computer or laptop.

  • Scope fits 20 caliber and larger barrels
  • 22" long rod
  • Miniature digital camera technology
  • Images can be captured from the display and saved to a memory card

Read 15 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.7 stars

Lyman Borescope

By Kerry K. on Mar 06, 2020
I had been wanting one of these since they first came out. When I saw they were on sale at a good price I ordered one. So far, I've used it on 2 rifle barrels. It's nice to see the inside of the barrels while I'm going thru my cleaning routine. Sure beats looking down the barrel with the naked eye!


By William H D. on Feb 25, 2020
Great price Great product Works exactly as described in the video. Loving it so far!

Lyman bore scope

By Wayne C. on Dec 24, 2019
So far so good. Was a little Leary after reading some of the reviews, I’ve no problems at this time. I’m a gunsmith and find this tool great in evaluating the condition of the bores of the rifles I work on. The price made it a have to have item and I’m not disappointed. On some of the darker blued barrels the light in the scope could be a little brighter, an auxiliary bore light shinning in the opposite end of the bore takes care of this. Works perfect in stainless. I consider the scope a good buy and good tool !!✌️

Lyman Borecam

By GEORGE C. on Dec 16, 2019
AWESOME This thing works very well .Clear picture and very easy to use. Couldn't be happier!!!

Great Borescope

By Jim S. on Nov 21, 2019
After 2 barrels it was very easy to take pics with great detail. Unfortunately it can't fix the sorry factory barrels I saw.

Lyman bore scope

By Richard M. on Feb 27, 2019
This Lyman bore scope works fantastic. I don't understand how you could get a better bore scope at any price. It is simple to use. Shows all the defects in the bore, crystal clear.

Very good but not great accessory

By Thaine C. on Feb 25, 2019
This kit is a good but not great value. To get full value out of using the kit, you have to tweak the rod position so much that you run out of hands while trying to capture pictures. This manual moving of the rod varies on bore size. Tiny bores don't have much room so the focus is rather fixed. On 6.5 and up, there is a fair amount of movement/adjustment required to get the picture focused. The rod is indexed so you can actually mark positions where you take photos allowing you to go back again for re-inspection.

While useful, the picture size is rather small (340 pxls) so you have to zoom in in to view them. However for 10% of the cost of a Hawkeye, you can view your bore and get real feedback on wear, cleaning effectiveness, and corrosion. That is invaluable. Because the focus is so manual, I feel some kind of rotatable bumper, or off center o-ring would help in positioning the mirror properly. If they included something like that it would really improve the usability. Shooters are nothing if not ingenious so one of us will have a tip to share. Definitely buy it but prepare yourself for some fiddling.


By John C. on Feb 12, 2019
I shoot XTC and hunt and shoot a lot. This really helps to clean enough to get out the carbon ring and lets me know if I JB enough but not too Much. If I put clean patches through it, I have zero problems with the mirror. Great product

Quality Control?

By Leon G. on Feb 08, 2019
After reading the enthusiastic reviews here, I ordered one.

There were no instructions in the carton. I e-mailed Lyman customer support to obtain a copy; in reply i was given a link to download the instructions, i.e. waste my toner.

Set up is straight forward. The lower right corner of my display unit is washed out: no image. The display is still usable, but no telling how long before the rest of the LCD display dies.

Lyman Borecam

By Wayne S. on Nov 28, 2018
The Lyman Borecam is a well built electronic device that gives excellent imagery and resolution of the bore and chamber of any firearm. The Lyman Borecam comes with a SD card and imagery can be captured, viewed and stored for viewing on a computer. This unit is priced well and is affordable. Very easy to use. No batteries are necessary since it operates on 125 VAC. Would I recommend it, you bet I do.


By Mike G. on Oct 04, 2018
Very nice, well made product. Gives a more than acceptable view of my bore and chamber. I would recommend this to a friend.

Lyman Bore camera

By Frank W. on Sep 03, 2018
The pictures are acceptable and shows condition of bore and chamber you can see if your cleaning regiment is working is working or not only real complaint is trying to clean the camers and mirror with supplied Q-tips

Lyman Borecam

By Richard M. on Mar 25, 2016
I was disappointed when Lyman started marketing this item months before it became available, and put it at the back of my want list.
When I noticed that Graf's had them in stock I ordered one. With a total of ten minutes of experience with one, I'm declaring it a winner.
Easy to use. Take it out of the box, plug it in, and you're in business. It gives a good clear picture, and the ability to adjust the brightness of the lamp lets you look into dark crevices, as well as dial the illumination down for shiny bores. It was well worth the wait!

Lyman borescope

By Charles B. on Dec 23, 2015
I love it! So glad someone has finally provided us with an affordable borescope. I was looking inside my barrel for the first time within 10 minutes of opening the box the borescope came in. Very user-friendly. Also comes complete with a 128MB SD card and card reader to simply plug into your computer USB port. I have already downloaded a dozen pictures. Just fantastic for finding out just how good your cleaning regimen is, (or isn't) and identifying problem areas in the bore. Get one, you won't regret it. And a big thanks to Grafs for the best price out there and super fast shipping.

Lyman Borecam!! A+++++

By Martin S. on Dec 18, 2015
Lyman has hit it out of the park with this one.
Clear picture on the screen when scoping the bores. Really able to see everything going on in your barrels. Carbon, copper, imperfections in the bore from machining, fire cracking, carbon ring, etc. Bore scope has a ruler on it that allows you to see how far into the barrel the problem area is. You can also adjust the brightness of the light on the end of the camera. Camera is a 90 degree version, so cant look straight down the barrel.
It really has opened my eyes to what the inside of my barrels look like and if my cleaning procedure is truly working or not.
For the money you cant go wrong with this bore cam. Hawkeye better watch out.
If I could give a higher rating then 5 stars I would!! Lyman has a home run here!
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