Prvi Partizan Bullet 6.5MM (.268) 139gr FMJBT 100 per bag

Prvi Partizan Bullet 6.5MM (.268) 139gr FMJBT 100 per bag
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Product Information

Prvi Partizan was founded in 1928 and today produces over 350 types of rifle, pistol , revolver and small arms ammunition. Prvi Partizan bulk bullets feature a lead core and copper jacket. Imported from Serbia. This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Great shipping/inconsistent diameter

By John P. on Sep 20, 2023
As others have stated. Diameter ranges from. 266-.268

Proper size for Carcano 6.5

By Burton B. on Sep 15, 2023
Thank you Graf & Sons for carrying this product. Slugged the barrel of my Carcano needed the .268 diameter if I wanted an accurate bullet. Pleased with products Graf & Sons.

best Carcano bullet

By Michael J. on Sep 06, 2023
This product is the correct diameter for the 6.5 Carcano round.

Prvi Partizan Bullet 6.5MM (.268) Keep Selling!

By KENNETH C. on Jun 01, 2023
Keep Selling and I'll keep buying, eyeing another round for purchase, keeping those Carcano's happy make for a good day at the range.

6.5 (.268) 139gr.

By David R. on Apr 19, 2023
The order came fast and the packaging was good. These work better in the Carcano rifle than the .264 bullets. The grouping was definitely better. I would definitely buy again from Grafs and Sons.

6.5mm (.268) 139gr FMJBT

By Rory L. on Apr 18, 2023
Perfect size for the surplus Carcano's I own. Each one of the 100 I loaded were formed well. Has good crimp line to properly seat as well. Good product that I will definitely be ordering again.

Prvi Partizan Bullet 6.5MM (.268) 139gr FMJBT 100 per bag

By Charles O. on Dec 05, 2022
Ordered and received pretty fast delivery within the specified time...Awesome!. I will be going out to the range to try them out soon and will be back to update. Good service and appreciated!

Great for the Carcano

By David C. on Dec 03, 2022
Hard to find .268 Bullets make the old gun shootable again.

The magic bullet!

By Rudy E. on Nov 01, 2022
I’ve had great luck with PPU products, these included. This is a must if you have a Carcano with a worn out bore, Thank you Grafs for carrying PPU and having these in stock.

Great for my Vetterli conversion rifle

By Charlene O. on Oct 31, 2022
These performed great in my light loads, used in my Vetterli 6.5 conv rifle. :)

Best diameter for Carcano

By Frank S. on Aug 22, 2022
The PPU .268 diameter bullet is a better match to the Carcano bore than a .264 bullet. Gas seal and accuracy are also improved with the PPU .268.

.268 Correct Carcano bullet

By Jason S. on Aug 19, 2022
I loaded these bullets in PPU brass and they perform great. Mine mic'd at .267 which was perfect for my bore. I wish I could get these in softpoint. Excellent bullets from PPU. Shipping was prompt.

Carcano bullets

By Chris L. on Aug 04, 2022
Very happy to finally have the correct ammo for my Carcano.
Noticed the improved accuracy right away. No more
keyholes. Please keep them coming.

Awesome projectiles

By Allen G. on Jul 29, 2022
Hadn’t been able to find these in a while. and they are of excellent quality

Best readily available Carcano bullets

By Wade J. on Dec 09, 2020
I have used these and the 123gr PPU .268 diameter bullets in four different Carcanos with good to great results. I usually shoot reduced loads in them just get more use out of the brass but these projectiles did well with reduced and full power loads. Other than a few boutique places making some cast bullets in this size, PPU is the only game in town. Hopefully Hornady will bring back the .268 160gr RN but who knows. In the meantime these are readily available, work well, and are affordable.

Good bullet

By Steve K. on Dec 07, 2020
Glad I ordered as the 129 do not have a cannelure and these are easier to crimp.

Prvi Partizan Bullet 6.5MM (.268) 139gr FMJBT 100 per bag

By Lou M. on Dec 06, 2020
One of the few options for the correct 6.5mm bullet for the Carcano. I haven't loaded any yet so I can't talk of their performance but the diameter as I measured the 3 that I randomly pulled out of the bag were .267 (which is going to be a lot closer than the .264 that the rest are) and weights were within about .1 grains. Of course that's just a few random samples but they should at least do better than the .264's in the Carcano?

Load nice

By Richard G. on Nov 17, 2020
These pills loaded up really nice using Lee dies. As others have stated they mic out at about .266 and i'm fine with that, the newest of my Carcano' s is 78 years old so getting pin point accuracy isn't a factor for me, I'm in it for the historical aspect so why stress the rifle. For that reason i won't use these in my Vetterli, I'll stick with .263 for it. Very happy with this purchase.

PPU 6.5mm 139gr

By Russ H. on Nov 12, 2020
Tried these and the 123gr .268 bullets. Was not sure the .268 bullets would be compatible with my Lee Pacesetter die set but everything worked out fine.

Great Alternative to Unobtanium Hornady's

By Stephen J. on Oct 29, 2020
These load up great and shoot wonderfully in my Carcano rifles and carbines. I would like a true .268 (not .266-.267) and a little heavier 160 gr pill but these are perfect for plinking. That being said I would slug the bore if planning to use these in the Vetterli-Carcano conversions, my example's groove diameter was .264!

carcano loads

By Lynn W. on Oct 28, 2020
received these and checked them out. averaged out at about .266. compared to factory loads, are closer to correct sizing. PPU are .264. toying with loads to find a load that will make the rifle a better shooter.

A rare find, not to be taken for granted

By Gregory S. on Oct 15, 2020
This is one of the last .268 bullets you or I will find for a while. It fits perfectly in a 6.5 Carcano case neck just like a 160 grain one used to do.

6.5 Carcano

By Marc C. on Oct 03, 2020
Used PPU before with no problems.

Great for Carcanos

By Michael E. on Sep 25, 2020
I recently picked up a Cavalry Carbine Carcano and did a little research before buying some bullets for reloading. Found these and decided to give them a try. The batch I got measured 0.2675" which I thought was pretty good. Reloading was fine and I had acceptable accuracy with them, about 4-5 moa with iron sights, not bad with my eyesight.

6.5 carcano

By Fife E. on Sep 23, 2020
excellent bullets for the hard to find carcano ammo

6.5 (.268) PPU Bullets

By Chris C. on Sep 11, 2020
The right diameter for a carcano rifle

PPU 6.5 Carcano Bullet (.268 139 Grain)

By Michael R. on Sep 11, 2020
This is about the best choice for reloading the 6.5 Carcano. The bullet diameter mic's out to about .267 which is perfect since Carcano's tend to be around .268 bore.
I reloaded these bullets into the 6.5 Carcano PPU brass & the fit was perfect.

Does the job

By Jerrod D. on Sep 05, 2020
Good to have Carcano bullets available at a reasonable price.

PPU 6.5 mm (.268") 139 Gr. Bullet

By Ken S. on Aug 02, 2020
I bought these as an alternate bullet for the 6.5 Carcano cartridge, since the Hornady #2645 bullets are sold out and have been discontinued. I am still in the process of developing a load for these, but so far, I am very impressed. I have narrowed the powder down to Accurate 4350 and I am fine tuning the powder charge for velocity. These are proving to be very accurate and this batch I bought are measuring in at .267". I have only tried these in my M-41 rifle so far, but I have no doubt that they will work well in all the others. I will be buying more.

Uncommonly good.

By James C. on Apr 16, 2020
I search many sites to find the proper bullet for my Carcano 91/24 TS. Grafs site is easy to navigate and shipped my items from inventory quickly. I will be a returning customer in the future.

Great bullets

By KIRK L. on Mar 11, 2020
Work great in my old carcano!

PP 6.5 140 gr FMJ cannelure Bullets

By Tad M. on Sep 10, 2019
Consistent weight. I have not mic'd them yet, but will next loading session. I use them in my .260 and shoot them at 2850 fps and I'm happy with how they hit on steel.

Proper size for Carcano 6.5

By Roger M. on Aug 27, 2019
Although some others have commented that the bullets measure at .266 not .268, they are the best fit for a 6.5 Carcano I have found, because they crimp properly in the neck of the casing and fit the barrel, where the .264 bullets generally available as "6.5" ammo are simply too slim.

Great buy

By David V. on May 31, 2019
These pills are a great choice for plink ammo the quality and price is perfect for the reloader I've been using ppu for years and always have been happy with glad grafs offers these

Not as advertized

By David O. on Mar 09, 2019
I thought it would be a good idea to mic these bullets before loading them, glad I did. Using 2 different dial calipers and a vernier micrometer they are about .266, not .268. Grafs would do nothing for me but gave me a number to call Privi. Am currently waiting for them to confirm what I already know.

The come in at 0.266, but work.

By Phillip L. on Feb 22, 2019
These bullets come in at around 0.266 in my hands, but they are excellent in an a 1929 T38 Arisaka carbine that slugs at about 0.268 in the grooves. The barrel is basically pristine, so it's well established they they were just made large early on. I've read about the PPUs coming in smaller than advertised, so, they did and it's just fine and dandy with me.

By the way, I was able to acquire 5 Chinese 6.5mms in a stripper clip headstamped 1950. I got them just to look at how they set up the freebore. Those bullets come in at 0.260. Talk about land-riders...Geeze. Haven't fired them...only did autopsies on them.

Great bullets for Carcano

By NIkolay K. on Feb 12, 2019
Great bullets for Carcano military surplus rifles that use a ghtly bigger 6.5 mm barrels

Type 38 Arisaka

By Zachary S. on Jan 17, 2019
I have two Arisakas and one has a bore you can drop a .264 bullet down and it goes like 10 inches down the barrel. talk about free bore! so I bought these and the bullets drop where they should. I only shot them once and was supprized at how much copper they left in my barrel. maybe I was loading them too hot and they were coming apart? I will try a lower charge and see.


By Scott F. on Jan 04, 2019
They look good so far have not loaded any up yet .

product and service

By Jim L. on Dec 26, 2018
Product was excellent and service and delivery were great especially during the Christmas rush

2500 ft/s Max

By Michael W. on Nov 14, 2018
These bullets brought my T38 Arisaka with a worn .270" barrel back to life. I pushed some bullets to 2600 ft/s and they came apart, but at 2500 ft/s or less they stay together.
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