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Hornady’s Universal decapping die is designed for decapping cartridge cases prior to sizing them. Its tough decapping rod has no problems decapping even tough crimped military cartridge cases. Works with 223 Remington and larger cartridges. NOT for use with Berdan primed cases.

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Universal, adjustable, and repairable

By Thaine C. on Mar 02, 2020
This is a well built decapping die. Many use Lee and for standard flash holes, that is fine. Hornady offers small decapping pins as an optional accessory for this die.

Other than using an actual die with small flash hole pin, or grinding pins to make them smaller, this might be your only option for decapping small flash hole cases. If the pin breaks, you can replace just the pin.

Slick product.

By JEREMY H. on Apr 10, 2019
After replacing the decapping pin for lapua 6.5cm brass, I spend though several hundred fired primers and got them ready for a wet tumble. Hand primer front end, decapping die back end. Works for me.
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