Frankford Arsenal Platinum Perfect Hand Priming Tool

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Frankford Arsenal Platinum Perfect Hand Priming Tool
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Perfect Hand Priming Tool
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Perfect Hand Priming Tool
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Product Information

  • Die cast zinc body with steel internal components
  • Adjustable seating depths of 1 thousandth of an inch
  • Hard stop so you can never crush a primer
  • Primer tray with ridges for primer orientation
  • Works with both small and large primers
  • Comes with 12 shell holders to cover the most popular cases
  • Heavy Duty injection molded storage case

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Love this thing

By Shawn P. on Jan 20, 2019
After my lee hand primer gave up the ghost, I wanted something that would except the set of lee primer shell holders,, the reviews I read said it would,, and it is true! Yes this will take lee primer shell holders!!! The Frankford Arsenal platinum primer hand piece is a tank! This thing will outlast me easily!

solved my priming issues!

By Kirk E. on Nov 01, 2018
I ran into issues priming (mostly Hornady) .308 cases. my Lee AutoPrime was smashing the cups on every round. Even reaming the primer pockets did not help. This is not normally an issue. Read tons of reviews on several sites which seemed to favor the Frankford Arsenal tool. Wow! All I can say is, BUY IT! This tool WORKS! Sets up easy and as long as you follow the techniques and tips they provide, you can't go wrong.Highly recommend.

Best Tool Ever

By Robert B. on Jul 13, 2018
Should have gotten one of these a long time ago. Great feel, always in right side up and straight, flush with zero bent cups. The tray feels a little flimsy but is replaceable. The rest seems solid as a rock. This is a great buy especially if doing precision (read consistent) rifle loads.
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