Hornady Modified Case 7.5x55 Swiss

Hornady Modified Case 7.5x55 Swiss
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Lock-N_Load Modified Cases are readily available to fit all popular rifle chambers. All are within SAAMI specs. Designed for use with Hornady Lock-N-Load O.A.L. Gauges, sold separately. Contains one modified case only.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Modified Case by Hornady for Swiss Rifle

By Lenny C. on Jul 10, 2023
Hornady Modified cases work well to give you a good indication of where you lands begin for a given bullet.
I find I have to take at least several readings, and take an average to get a likley realistic reading. Then use my digital calipers to measure the CBTO. (Case to Ogive). Then I will back off .010- .025 (distance off the lands)

Hornady overall length modified case

By Gary S. on Jul 03, 2023
This makes checking the OAl on the Swiss K31 easy. Really a must have because it is so easy to get bullets stuck in the short throat of the rifling. Every bullet has a different shape, so Cartridge length must be checked before reloading.

Have Been Looking For This !

By Loc N. on May 09, 2023
Have been looking for something to gauge where the lands start on my K31 for a while. Finally found it ! Well made....didn't have to make my own.

Worth the money

By Alex S. on Feb 04, 2023
If you have a K31 that you're going to reload for or currently do reload for, the modified case will help a lot. With the tighter throat on the K31, you can't seat your bullet to normal lengths and the modified case paired with the LNL OAL Gauge from Hornady takes the guessing out.

modified case

By Terry A. on Oct 04, 2022
hard to find item-Graf had it-perfect fit !!

Essential for K31 Reloads

By Leon G. on Aug 16, 2019
I find the Hornady L-N-L OAL gauge useful for all of my reloading, but it is particularly valuable for the K31. The K31's chamber and throat geometry makes bullet seating depth more demanding of precision. Correctly seated bullets tend to be deeper inside the case neck than with other calibers. The gauge will also show if your reloads will fit the magazine.

While there are other ways to come up with a COAL that works for your rifle, the Hornady OAL gauge fitted with the 7.5x55 case will save time. You get it right the first time.

With supplies of GP11 no longer plentiful, reloading is now even more essential for the K31 shooter. Since the original GP11 bullet is not sold commercially, substitute bullets are needed and getting them seated to the rather tight dimensions of the K31's chamber can be a vexing challenge. The Hornady OAL gauge and modified case eliminate guesswork and trial and error testing.

Hornady Modified Case 7.5x55 Swiss

By Charles W. on Sep 14, 2018
Good tool without having to make my own. I left it on the bench and I ran it thru my resizing die. Now I have ordered another one.
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