Prvi Partizan Brass 7x57 Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50

Prvi Partizan Brass 7x57 Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50
Prvi Partizan Brass 7x57 Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50
Prvi Partizan Brass 7x57 Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50
Item #:PPC7X57
$0.66 per piece
Shipping: One flat fee of $12.95 per online order.
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Volume Discounts:
Rounds Units Savings Price per Unit Total Price
50 1 <none> $32.99 $32.99
500 10 Save 5% $31.34 $313.40
1000 20 Save 10% $29.69 $593.82
Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

Imported from Serbia. Fully reloadable brass cases. Accept boxer primers. This is not loaded ammunition.

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7x57 brass

By Tom K. on Dec 08, 2020
Been using this brass and ammunition for a while, very satisfied, Tom

Great Brass

By Thomas C. on Nov 18, 2020
Prvi Partizan Brass is outstanding. No culls in the lot. Bought two bags and they were consecutive bags in the same batch. Grafs and Prvi Partizan keep all my rifles shooting even when loaded ammo dries up.

7x57 brass

By Martin G. on Nov 17, 2020
i have not yet used this brass, but plan to form into 257 ack. imp. when new rifle received. i did weigh and measure a good sample of the 100 rds., and they are very consistent and show a very good neck anneal. i have used prvi in other exotic calibers and have always found it to be excellent. try to keep it available.

7 x 57 brass

By Al R. on Nov 17, 2020
The brass is excellent and just as good as the brass thats three times as expensive. Even during this time Grafs shipping was great.


By Michael L. on Nov 12, 2020
I now use this brass exclusively for 8x60S and 7x57

Only reasonably priced, quality 7x57 Brass available

By Chuck B. on Sep 11, 2020
I searched high and low for a reasonably priced, quality 7x57 Mauser Brass for my older model Ruger M-77, Not only are they a quality product, the reviews are very positive. I would recommend this product to a friend.


By Steve J. on Aug 24, 2020
Always happy with the privi brass .....thx for the fast delivery..

PPU 7mm mauser brass

By Jeff W. on Jul 22, 2020
Quality as good as more expensive brands and is made in cal . hard to find in other brands.

PPU brass

By Ray A. on Jul 04, 2020
Ive used PPU brass exclusively for a number of years, for the 7x57, 30-06, 9.3x62 8x57 and others, Its as good as any brass Ive used and the price is right..

7x57 mm brass

By Reginald H. on Jun 17, 2020
Excellent quality and uniform primer flash holes. The price cannot be beat.

privi 7mm brass or any privi brass

By Kenneth H. on Jun 10, 2020
Oh yea ! Great Brass, I have ordered 100's upon 100's of this wonderful brass, I am yet to get a rough or dented one, they prime great and load great with any weight bullet and perform great at the range, I have re loaded this brass up to 10 times each and still shape, load and shoot great..

Not on sale, yet a good price.

By Mike V. on Jun 07, 2020
I have not loaded or fired any yet. All look to be good, but I will measure, trim if needed, and load to a reasonable velocity. I expect good things as I have purchased PPU brass before in other calibers and never disappointed.
I like small groups; my grandkids want to hit inside the 10 ring. I think we will all be happy.

Great Brass

By Edson S. on Apr 26, 2020
Trimmed to same length out of bag. Flash holes are clean.
Excellent value.

Good brass for Odd Calibers

By James E. on Apr 23, 2020
I also use to fire form for Remington rolling block 7mm to use cast bullets. I like them.

Great Brass

By Todd P. on Apr 05, 2020
I load several calibers, many of them metric or European, and have always found Privi to be high quality and reasonably priced.

Prvi 7x57 brass

By Michael W. on Mar 18, 2020
Great brass at a fair price.......great service

7mm brass

By David P. on Mar 02, 2020
Good brass for a reasonable price. I have used in many calibers and always have found PPU a good value. Glad Graf carries the full line.

PRVI Partzsan (PPU) 7x57 Brass

By Michael H. on Jan 19, 2020
This is good brass. 7x57 brass is often hard to find at all, much less at a reasonable price. I use this in my model 1898 spanish mauser built in 1900. I have had no issues and intend to buy more. I would recommend this brass.


By MIGUEL C. on Jan 16, 2020

7x57 brass

By Samuel K. on Jan 16, 2020
I will buy this brass again, no issues period. Normal quality for the brand, excellent.

I Trust PPU Brass

By Douglas L. on Dec 19, 2019
The 7x57 brass I just purchased is being fire-formed to 7x57 Ackley Improved. No problems. Each case weighs about 20 grs less than Remington brass -- which is a good thing.

I've had positive experiences with PPU brass in other calibers. PPU 32 ACP ammunition is the only brand I trust in a Beretta 3032 Tomcat. (Beretta fans will know what I'm talking about.) And I've loaded thousands of rounds in 9 mm Luger with no issues ever.

Brass rifle casing

By David S. on Sep 20, 2019
Brass was clean

PRVI PARTIZAN 7mm brass cartridge cases

By Thomas C. on Aug 27, 2019
I hate to say it,domestic brass is ok but is undersize and the quality has slipped .I've used PRVI PARTIZAN brass for 30 years, finding it very reloadable many times and of high quality.The Enfield 303 British is hard on brass ,but lasts the longest of any other brand.. In 6.5 Swedish, 7mm, 8mm,7.62 Russian,303 British, PRVI PARTIZAN brass fit the rifles chambers best,more reloads per case, long case life.Buy it stock up.

Prvi Partizan 7x57 Mauser Brass

By Joe M. on Aug 06, 2019
Good To Go

Hard to find brass.

By Ryan M. on Jul 24, 2019
At a great price! Considerable savings on a hard to find cartridge without paying for premium Nosler/Norma Brass.
All cases sized well and there were no defects other than the usual bulk packaged case mouth dings that size right out.
First time using PPU brass and I think I will look to them for my other obscure military cartridges.

A bargin

By Roger K. on Jun 25, 2019
There is nothing in the world wrong with this brass. I usually like to choose U.S. made products, but the price was hard to resist. Like all brass, except the premium kind, these need to be sorted by weight, (pretty close) and trimmed to equal length and de-burred. That is part of the fun! After that, you are good to go.

7x57 Mauser

By James T. P. on Jun 19, 2019
Just what I was looking for.

Privi 7x57 brass

By Jim S. on May 23, 2019
This is really good brass for the money! Weighing each piece I found they were more consistent than Winchester brass. Be sure to turn the necks if making 257 Roberts from this brass.

Great brass, good price

By Paul W. on Apr 12, 2019
Excellent brass to work with, will buy more!

Consistent weight, great price

By Greg T. on Feb 28, 2019
These are great looking cases that consistently weigh xx gr. for good powder capacity. No dents or dings.

Prvi 7X57mm Brass

By Richard L. B. on Jan 22, 2019
Great brass at a decent price. I have used this product and really like it.

Prvi Partizan Brass 7x57 Mauser

By Richard L. B. on Jan 22, 2019
Great quality brass at a fair price. I am very much pleased with this product.

PPU 7X57mm Mauser Brass

By Thomas B. on Jan 06, 2019
Love this brass. This brass is affordable and I get many many reloads from PPU brass. Graf & Son is a great place to buy all reloading components and equipment. I will definitely buy more.

PPU 7mm brass

By Jose L. on Dec 13, 2018
So what can I start out with PPU has always been great quality or at least in the case is that I bought I have a few 762 Russian cases that have over 50 reloads are still going strong with neck sizing of course but that should tell you something from a cheaper brand of brass vs. Lapua or norma it is great quality for the price I have yet to load up the brass but from what I can see it is great quality and I expect long lasting brass love these guys and love their products

Great for milsurps

By John W. on Nov 26, 2018
Hard to find 7mm brass in general, but fortunately PPU makes a broad range of quality brass for less common calibers.

Good brass

By Carlos T. on Oct 12, 2018
I loaded up 50 rounds with xx.x grains of IMR 4350 and 140 grain ballistic tips. Accurate low recoil hunting load for my Dad's old Mauser. The brass looks to be of better quality than the Remington cases they replaced. I would recommend this brass to anyone.

7mm Mauser brass

By Matt V. on Oct 08, 2018
The brass is awesome for reloading several times.👍👍

7x57 brass

By Gary N. on Aug 20, 2018
I am using this brass to load for an old Remington Rolling Block( 1903 ). The chamber is pretty generous, the cast bullets are .285in, so there is no need to worry about neck tension because it is a single shot.

Good brass for the money

By John A. on Aug 20, 2018
I've used PRVI Partizan brass in other calibers, so I thought I'd give it a try in 7x57. PRVI offers brass in some of the harder to find calibers at a much lower cost than Norma or others. They seem to hold up just fine, I haven't had any issues with case life. Like all new empty brass you'll need to full length size them before loading to ensure you get any dents in the case mouth out. I'll definitely buy more of these.
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