Lee Powder Measure Deluxe Perfect

Lee Powder Measure Deluxe Perfect
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Product Information

No powder measure, regardless of price, has all the features of the Lee Deluxe Powder Measure. Pictured mounted to Powder Measure Stand product # 90587, may also be mounted to any single stage reloading press accepting 7/8-14 threads.

Rugged Construction

This powder measure features a high pressure die cast diamond-machined body. The precision-machined rotor drum is cast from brass, which is naturally antistatic and spark proof.

Eliminates Cut Powder and Jerky Action

A soft elastomer wiper strikes off the metering chamber rather than cut the powder. You’ll be surprised at how smoothly the rotor operates. More importantly, you will enjoy the most uniform of charges.

Easy to Set and Read Micrometer Metering Chamber

Powder charge adjustment is accomplished with a true micrometer adjustable metering chamber. The metering chamber is aluminum with a black anodized finish. Features a crisp, permanent, laser engraved scale. The brass micrometer thimble is engraved with .01cc graduations and has a releasable detent lock. With most rifle powders each click is about a 1/10 of a grain, perfect for working up a load.

Changing Powder is Fast and Easy

Features easily removable hopper with an on/off valve so you can quickly return unused powder to its original container or switch to another type. The hopper feeds to a pre-measuring chamber allowing precise charges regardless of the powder level in the hopper, eliminates the need for an extra powder baffle.

Quick Change Drums

One of the nicest features is the ability to use the new Lee standard quick-change drums (product # 90453). These low cost drums can be preset to your favorite charge and swapped out in seconds. 


WARNING: Steel parts in this product may be alloyed with trace amounts of lead and other elements which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. To prevent exposure, do not alter the product by welding, grinding, etc.

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Lee Powder Measure Deluxe Perfect

By Kevin B. on Dec 12, 2022
Very easy to setup with optional stand and then take down to clear the bench. Using for 10 mm, 454, and 30:06, and the scale is easy to return settings between runs.
good value.

Lee Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure

By Larry N. on Jun 22, 2020
I've been using the Lee Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure for a couple weeks now. It throw very consistently, and I've used it with several powders including Lil Gun; RE7; IMR-4166; IMR-4895, and H322. It did really well with all those. It can vary a bit, maybe a couple grains, typically on the low side. It is easy to use and clean, and the bottle cap on it fits a lot of major powder bottles, so you can use it without having to pour into a separate bottle, and then back again. Definitely a terrific value and I'd freely recommend this powder measure. Grafs shipping was very quick and the item arrived well packaged and in good shape.

Works like a charm

By Eric B. on Jan 14, 2019
Works great

Review of Lee Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure

By Fred M. on Dec 05, 2018
This is one of three powder measures I own. My first one is a Lee Auto-Drum Powder, which is very accurate, but leaks fine powder like a sieve. My second powder measure is from Frankford Arsenal, the Platinum Series Powder Measure. This one handles fine powders like Accurate No. 5 and No. 9 accurately with absolutely no leaking. The Frankford, however, does not consistently measure flaked powders accurately like Winchester 231 for certain large caliber loads like .44's. Oddly, it handles Win 231 accurately in lower caliber loads like 9mm and 380. The Lee Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure handles both fine and flaked powders accurately and does not leak. I haven't tried it yet with tubular powders for rifle loads, but expect the same level of accuracy. For changing powders, you just give the hopper a right twist and you can remove it instantly without any powder spill. A few cycles will clear any powder remaining in the drum. My one star takeaway is for the short knob on the handle. Although it's shaped to prevent slipping from grip, it doesn't extend far enough from the drum to feel comfortable when cycling at least in comparison to the Frankford. The other takeaway is the inverse powder chute. When loading a tray of 50, at least one load of the 50 slightly misaligns just enough to spill about .5 grain on the tray. I suppose with more experience, I'll get my technique just right to avoid this. Overall, I would buy this again. Hope this helps!
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