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Have all of the case preps tools you need in one place with the Frankford Arsenal Case Prep Center. This little reloading station allows for 4 heads to be run at the same time, allowing for a quick and smooth case preparation experience. Never let a head be out of reach, by utilizing the retention slot on the side while not in use. This of this efficient and compact reloading center saves time and reduces the number of tools needed to reload your own ammunition.

  • This center features 4 powered tool stations and comes with (1) inside chamfer tool, (1) outside deburring tool, (1) small primer pocket scraper and (1) large primer pocket scraper
  • Hardened High Speed Steel (HSS) tools stay sharp for thousands of rounds
  • 8-32 threaded output shafts accept a wide variety of aftermarket case prep tools
  • 200 RPM output shafts prep brass quickly and efficiently
  • Features a durable aluminum design

Read 13 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.6 stars

End Drudgery...with the Frankford Platinum Case Prep Center

By Jb H. on Nov 10, 2023
Drudgery. What is Drudgery? Scrapping paint off a fence; Stacking bricks; Stripping and waxing a floor. And....Prepping brass for reloading. Life is TOO SHORT for Drudgery! It's time to set yourself FREE: Have Graf and Son's send you over a brand new Frankford Arsenal Platinum Case Prep Center. I recently purchased one at and it arrived in record-breaking time. Here's what I found out....
The Platinum Case Prep Center will streamline the process of prepping your brass cases for reloading by automating the chamfering and clearing of primer pockets; the cleaning of case necks and webs; and in reaming / thinning case neck openings. It does everything, except tumble and trim. It accomplishes these time-saving feats by providing you with four (count em....FOUR) threaded, rotary tool "chucks" that hold your case-prepping tools and brushes...and spinning them at a constant RPM. Once turned-on, the center runs these tools in such a way that...all you do is simply hold your cases at each station and the work is done for you.
The Platinum Case Prep Center also provides you with options, as it will happily mount ANY of your cleaning jags, brushes, bits or other tools, as long as they are thread-compatible with the center's tool chucks. So this is a Potentially Expanding that saves you valuable time...all while enhancing the quality of your efforts.
Think for a moment: What have you seen ANY price...that can come close to that? I think you'll agree...It's time to End the Drudgery in your Life. Give the Great Folks at Graf and Son's a call...and have them send the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Case Prep Center right to your front door.
And...Set Yourself FREE!

Frankford Case Prep Center

By David V. on Oct 20, 2023
Works extremely well with RCBS accessories like their military crimp removers. So all of current accessories will interchange.

Good machine

By John C. on Jul 30, 2023
Nice machine at a reasonable price. Saves your fingers and time if you have a lot of cases to trim. We will see how it lasts.

Frankford platinum case prep center

By Larry P. on Jul 22, 2023
Works well. Handy tool storage built in. No more trying to remember where I left the attachments.

Nice case prep center

By Jason B. on Jul 21, 2023
It worked well on 1k 223/556 brass

Frankford Platinum Case prep center

By Tim O. on Jul 20, 2023
It worked well for me. I have meant to get one for a while and couldn’t pass up the price offered. So far I have done about 450. .22 Hornet cases and they look great. I have bought several Frankford Arsenal products and have been very pleased with the quality and price.

Frankford Case Prep Center.

By Brad B. on Jul 18, 2023
This Frankford Case Prep Center is an awesome tool preparing your cases! Saves a lot time and so much easier on hand fatigue.
Graf and Sons was great as usual with excellent customer service and fast shipping!

Very nice

By Kent E. on Jul 18, 2023
Seems to be very durable and works well with all functions. It is much more time efficient as well only handling brass 1 time to complete 3 steps in brass preparation. Grafs shipping is always reliable.


By JOHN N. on Mar 14, 2023
So far so good. Does everything I need.

Frankford Case Prep Unit

By Tim B. on Jan 25, 2023
Bought the Frankford Platinum Case Prep Center a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had a chance to use it heavily, but initially on some once-fired 223 and 5.56 had beautiful results. Great sale price, too, BTW!

Quit after ~25 casings

By Scott D. on Dec 02, 2020
Ran great, making brass prep so much more efficient, but after about 25 223 brass casings the motor began slowing down and then stopped. Motor hums, but no movement of the tools. Just emailed Grafs hoping to expedite a replacement, as it took 2 weeks to receive this one. Will update review with resolution.

Nice case prep center

By Chet B. on Nov 28, 2020
I works very easy gets cases done quick and very smooth


By Michael S. on Jul 24, 2020
have had it for only about 2 weeks and it is doing a fantastic job .
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