Lee Auto Primer XR Hand Priming Tool

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Lee Auto Primer XR Hand Priming Tool
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Product Information

The new Auto-Prime XR eliminates the primer brand restriction so any brand primer is now usable. The new Auto-Prime XR features a patent pending elevator pin. This pin safely separates a single primer from the others and presents it for priming, reducing the likelihood of a chain fire. The new tool also has a new unbreakable comfort curve lever. Comes with both, large and small primer trays with slide on covers that comfortably accepts all brands of primer boxes. Built-in primer flipper turns them right side up. Simply dump the primers into the tray, shake lightly, replace cover and you’re ready to prime. Uses Auto Prime shellholders only (sold separately).

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Auto prime

By Bruce E. on Jan 26, 2019
This tool took a bit of practice as at first it would not load a primer and I did get a lot of jams. With a gentle touch it does work ok but you just need to be careful. Not sure if I like the way it "feeds" each primer into the chute.

It does the job well.

By Kale J. on Aug 12, 2018
I've tried others and disliked them. They're all a bit crabby, but the Lee seems better. They are so inexpensive I have two. I've gone through several over the years. They are relatively durable. I don't agree with Paul W ascertains about quality. You get more than you pay for.

Lee Priming Tool With Fold-Over Tray

By Paul W. on Aug 09, 2018
Don't waste your time or money. The Small and Large size links that fit between the primer tray and the priming tool body will probably shatter if a butterfly lands on them. If you get 400 primers seated before it fails completely, congratulations.

Works most of the time

By John L. on Aug 07, 2018
It will occasionally fail to pick up a primer but works well most of the time and is a great deal for the price.

Lee XR Priming Tool

By Eric S. on Jun 25, 2012
Works very well

Took some getting used to, but an improvement

By Jerry L. on May 26, 2012
This took some getting used to, but it is an improvement over the Ram Prime. Instead of having to touch the primer and the shell each time only the shell has to handled each time. The little "nipples" on the tray work very well for flipping the primers.
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