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The Lee Automatic Processing Press is fastest and easiest way to prepare cases and size cast bullets. It is also a very convenient single station reloading press.


  • Press
  • Automation Kit
  • Bottle Adapter

We received the patent on this new press late last year (Patent # 10,076,781 B1). It is the first press of its kind with the ability to mount the die to the top or bottom of the press. This die mounting flexibility allows previously unheard of automation on a single station press. Now you can deprime, primer pocket swage, bulge bust or size cast bullets as fast as you can operate the lever.

The press is actually heavy for its compact size. It is manufactured from a variety of materials best suited for the application. The lever or handles are made of steel and are topped with a molded grip we call the power grip. We went through a lot of iterations to come up with a really comfortable design. The grip is completely symmetrical making either hand operation a delight. The upper and lower die carriers are aluminum and the low stress items are nylon or acetal copolymer. The upper carrier rides on two centerless ground and roller burnished columns. The upper die carrier is counter balanced by a centrally mounted coil spring. The counter balance prevents the handle from falling and pinching a finger.

The APP is a “frameless” design with nearly all the forces going directly to the dies through the steel linkages rather than through the frame. As a single stage reloading press it has almost unlimited visibility and hand clearance. Mounting is easy on any bench or table with no under swing.  Dirty, gritty, lead contaminated spent primers are 100% captured in a screw top bottle. 

The top carrier and base are machined to accept Lee Breech Lock bushings, so they will accept standard 7/8-14 dies of any manufacture. The APP also uses standard press shell holders from most manufactures. Includes one Spline drive breech lock bushing and universal type shell holder quick-change adaptor.

A little over three inches of stroke allows sizing of the larger belted magnum cartridges. Priced less than nearly all single station presses makes it a perfect starter press or a perfect companion press to an expensive progressive.

Automation package included, making it the world’s fastest single stage press. Now you can deprime cases, size cast bullets, swage primer pockets, etc. as fast as you can cycle the lever!

Features revolutionary case and bullet feeder. Jaws automatically open and grasp the bullet or case. They then rapidly position the case or bullet into the operating position. Once in position the jaws instantly open and return for the next case or bullet. It is fascinating just cycling the press empty watching the jaws open and close as it cycles back and forth.

The APP gets its speedy operation in part by the use of the X-press shell holder. The shell holder allows the case to pass through the shell holder after the operations are performed.


WARNING: Handling live primers and spent primers may expose you to lead or other chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


WARNING: Steel parts in this product may be alloyed with trace amounts of lead and other elements which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. To prevent exposure, do not alter the product by welding, grinding, etc.

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Read 20 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.6 stars

Purchase one soon

By Keith B. on Feb 02, 2021
Purchased this a few months ago, and I have already used it to prep over 5000 cartridges of 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP. Had some hiccups with 9mm, but I am very, very pleased. What a time saver. I wish I had this several years ago and I would have saved so much time prepping brass.

Great for Processing 5.56

By Charles M. on Dec 01, 2020
I spent hours upon hours of painful work trying to work 223/5.56 brass on a manual trim/primer swage and looked at options to upgrade. While the press requires a little adjustment from time to time, it speeds up the work of processing multiple cases immensely, especially if you process alot of brass.

Does everything it says it will do

By RICHARD F. on Dec 01, 2020
I ordered the APP mainly for swaging my military 5.56/223 brass. Once the APP was dialed in, I found it does so much more. Decapping the brass is quick, easy, and problem free.

Best thing ever for processing pistol brass!

By Jon L. on Sep 21, 2020
Absolutely awesome for processing pistol brass. After adding the 4-tube case feeder and collator, I can maintain ~1800 rounds per hour sizing/depriming bulk range brass, and then it's quick and easy to swtich to the swaging kit and get rid of any crimped primers that might be in the mix. A couple tips: 1: Keep everything clean. The case feeder will work best if taken apart and wiped down periodically, especially if you're doing dirty range brass. 2: A little bit of Hornady One Shot on the pistol brass makes the whole process easer, faster and effortless. This is a fantastic product from Lee!


By Ryan R. on Jul 13, 2020
It's a phenomenal time saver! There's some tinkering the first 20 rounds or so, after that, you're smooth sailing and knocking out bulk brass. I'm able to full size military 5.56 and 7.62x51 pretty easily. I do however wish there was an add-on that allowed for more brass capacity... That's the hard/slow part... Keeping brass supplied. I also just went ahead and ordered the swage kit for it... If it's anywhere as fast as the sizing process on this press, swagging will no longer be a time sucking process. And, the press plus the swag kit on Grafs comes out to about the price of RCBS's pocket swager bench tool that is terrible to use. And about the price of the famed Dillon super swage, except this should be faster.

Great for decapping

By David J. on Jun 23, 2020
I decap my brass before I clean it so I need a way to do that quickly. I used to use the Lee universal decapping die in my Lee Loadmaster, but that can be a bit cumbersome. I've used my new Lee APP press to decap over 4000 cases of 9mm and love it. Caliber changes using the APP press are a breeze. After the 9mm I decapped 2000 cases of 40 S&W. I'm very pleased with the Lee APP press.

APP Press

By Charles W. on Jun 22, 2020
The case feeder did not work that well


By John W. on Jun 07, 2020
This press is is amazing. Works great right out of the box. Minimal setup time.

Work’s good

By . on May 26, 2020
I bought this press mainly for sizing cast bullets. It works great for that. I might try resizing 38 or 45 brass, but I don’t think I’ll try rifle brass. I didn’t bother with the bottle to collect bullets as it was too small and didn’t look sturdy enough. I just mounted a short piece of bin rail under it and can move the bin to catch bullets or brass

Mixed Results

By Bruce H. on May 09, 2020
I'm processing .223 brass with mixed results. Feeding the 223 brass smoothly takes quite a bit of tweaking and I'll still get the occasional glitch. The depriming die works well, but the swage process is slow because the 223 case isn't always aligned with the upper swage rod that must go inside the case and there isn't much room for misalignment. Also - Lee does not recommend full length resizing of rifle cases with this press and the xpress shell holder. This is because the case is held only at two small places on the rim instead of a 270 degree area as on a regular shell holder. I'm hoping that the APP will work better with pistol cases and resizing cast bullets.

APP Press

By Robert W. on May 05, 2020
Really like the little press for processing brass. Get the lee case feeder and collater . And it’s great for sizing/decapping. Also makes quick work of bulge busting . I’m really surprised how much I like this little press

Amazing tool for the price

By Robert H. on May 01, 2020
I bought the Deluxe with the auto feed, only had it a week or two. I use it to de-prime and have ordered the swage kit. A few days ago I de-primed over 3000 pieces of brass. The case feeder screws up occasionally, it's pretty cheaply built and could be more robust. However, for the price it is bargain and has greatly speeds up the process for me.

A Hybrid Press

By Raymond K. on Apr 24, 2020
Turns the whole concept of the single stage or "utility" press on its ear. The semi automatic feeder add-on puts it in a class by itself really. The breech lock feature on the upper and lower platens is incredibly versatile. I have found this press surprisingly strong for what it is as a "frameless" unit. This is not a heavy duty press where you will be doing heavy case forming operations but basically for everything else it will work just fine. I use the primer pocket swaging kit on mine with excellent results. (9mm) You can also use the older style bullet sizer kits with it mounting the die upside down in the bottom position. I mounted a bin underneath to catch the sized bullets. Excellent access up front too. Great little press and an excellent price. This outclasses any medium duty single stage press.

App Press

By RIchard C. on Apr 23, 2020
This press is really well thought out and is a great way to speed up the processing of brass. Exceeded my expectation when decapping and sizing brass.

Lee Deluxe Automatic Processing Press

By Steve B. on Apr 22, 2020
I shoot 3-4 Cowboy Action matches a month and this press is what I needed to quickly turn fired brass into reloaded ammo for the next month of matches. After I get back from a match I immediately run the fired brass through the APP to decap, takes just a few minutes. The brass is then ready for wet tumbling with SS pins and reloading. It took just a few minutes to set up for 38 SPL brass and runs very smooth with very little effort. I set it up with the Lee Universal Case Feeder for Progressive Presses and the Lee Case Collator also. The APP is a low cost tool to quickly help automate and speed up processing brass and allows me more time for other reloading chores. I was a bit concerned about some of the plastic parts however so far they are doing fine.

Super time saver

By Bruce W. on Apr 22, 2020
I recently purchased the Lee APP on a whim and not really expecting an awful lot. Boy was I surprised!! I set it up to deprime .223 cases at first. Using a Lee universal recap die it made short work of 500 cases. I then decapped 1k 45acp cases quickly and effortlessly. After wet polishing the .223’s I sized them very quickly. The design of this press makes resizing an ease. I later sized a couple hundred .452 cast bullets and wonder how I got along without this press for 40 years! Set up and change overs are simple and quick with practice. My only complaint is it should have a case/bullet feed system that holds more than the tubes provided, such as the lee universal case feeder.
All in all this is a welcome additional to my loading bench and will see lots of use.

lee deluxe app press

By Kenneth L. on Mar 18, 2020
Looked for a press to size my bullets that I have cast. This is a great press that is very fast and precise I would recommend it.

app press

By Phil H. on Mar 18, 2020
they need to come out with a larger press so they have room for a better feeder made out of billet aluminum.

APP Deluxe Brass Processing Press

By Greg S. on Mar 17, 2020
Extremely well thought out. Perfect?....not quite...but certainly capable! Absolutely the fastest way to deprime to prepare brass for wet tumbling, once you tweak it to feed a particular case without hangs. It helps to be a detail person to do that.

Also at least twice as fast using the Redding Grx to smooth .40 S&W, than using another press! A case feeder for a single stage is the best idea to come from a reloading manufacturer in years. Looking forward to feeding (and speeding up) other operations like bullet sizing, and swaging as well.

Great Press!!

By Gerardo R. on Mar 08, 2020
I shifted to wet tumbling using stainless steel pins. I had to decap all my brass prior to tumbling. The process is slow on my Rockchucker single stage. But I got this APP press and wow, it shortened depriming time to less than 15 mins. The unit also makes short work of sizing, bulge busting and bullet sizing. For sizing and depriming brass, you need to carefully set up the case feeder and check the brass for dings in the rim and protruding primers. They can jam the feeder. I have also loaded rifle rounds in this press, with no problem full length sizing 270 Win and some 30-30. Overall a very good press and I'm really happy with mine!! If Lee can include accessories for fast priming, powder drop and bullet seating I'll buy another APP press!!!
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