Starline Brass 38 Special Unprimed Bag of 100

Starline Brass 38 Special Unprimed Bag of 100
Item #:SU38SPL
$0.21 per piece
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Volume Discounts:
Rounds Units Savings Price per Unit Total Price
100 1 <none> $21.09 $21.09
500 5 Save 5% $20.04 $100.18
1000 10 Save 10% $18.98 $189.81
2000 20 Save 13% $18.35 $366.97
Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

Starline strives to hold the closest production tolerances possible on every caliber we produce to ensure the highest quality brass available. All brass is produced within SAAMI specifications and includes special heat treat processes and designs to enhance strength and longevity.

This Starline Brass is bagged at Graf & Sons. This is not loaded ammunition.

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Graf Always Comes Through

By Robert S. on Jan 07, 2024
You can count on Graf to always provide quality brass like Starline in reasonable quantities, like 100 count bags.

Star-line Brass

By Reginald H. on Oct 17, 2023
Excellent product, have ordered it many times and never disappointed.

Best brass out there

By Gary K. on Mar 20, 2023
This is my favorite brass, seems to last
Forever, and availability is usually good,
And the price is affordable!

Starline 38 Spl brass

By William B. on Dec 12, 2022
In my opinion, Starline makes very high quality brass. No loose primer pockets or undersized rims. I have used their 44 Spl and 38 Spl brass with no problems to produce accurate handloads.

Starline Brass .38 Spl.

By David P. on Dec 12, 2022
Starline brass can be trusted for quality and consistency. This is my go to brass for my revolver. I love Graf & Sons for their products and service.

Star line brass

By Rupert T. R. on Dec 01, 2022
Fast shipping and great product

Starline .38 Special brass

By Stephen B. on Oct 03, 2022
I shoot older S&W Victory revolvers and they have a tight casehead gap between the cylinder and backplate. The only brass with a consistent casehead thickness is Starline. I have tried the major brands only to find cases that drag on the faceplate. 100% of the Starline cases chamber with no dragging. Starline's precision means reliability!

Starline .38 brass

By Paul B. on Sep 20, 2022
Have been shopping for Starline new .38 brass. Grafs had it in stock and at a reasonable price. Shipping was quick. No damaged brass. Starline is great quality. I will be buying more.

In stock and delivered fast

By Jesse A. on Sep 08, 2022
Starline brass is in short supply, like everything else. Graf & Sons had it in stock and reasonably priced. Order went through like butter and shipped fast. Packaged well and tracking as provided. No complaints about service or product.

I've been a customer of Graf's for many years now and never had a complaint. I doubt you will either.

Starline 38 Special

By John M. on May 15, 2020
Beautiful brass. Excellent quality and loads like a dream. The brass didn't need case prepping at all and nearly all was at the proper case length.

The only brass I buy

By Mike S. on Oct 26, 2019
I've used Starline brass in 3 different handgun calibers. They're always consistent size and quality. Am getting ready to order more.

Starline .38 Special Brass

By Venvert M. on Sep 12, 2019
Like all of the Starline brass I have used, this caliber really didn't need case prepping at all. Also, Starline holds up well to repeated loadings.
I wish Starline would make 11mm Mauser brass for all of the 71-84s out there.

Star line brass

By Bruce E. on Feb 04, 2019
Super brass. I use several different cabinets and stations has always come through. Highly recommended
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