HORNADY 9MM (.355) 115gr HAP BULLET 500/BX

HORNADY 9MM (.355) 115gr HAP BULLET 500/BX
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Product Information

Gain the competitive edge with Hornady® HAP® (Hornady® Action Pistol) bullets. Modeled after the legendary XTP® bullet design, HAP® bullets are further refined into the perfect competition projectile. While XTP® bullets use serrations to aid in controlled expansion and terminal performance, we have eliminated these from HAP® bullets, creating a sleek and balanced projectile with a protected nose that aids in consistent and reliable feeding in auto loading pistols. Bullet jackets, featuring industry leading concentricity combined with precision swaged cores, deliver the very best in accuracy and performance.

  • BUILT FOR COMPETITION:  Expansion isn't an issue in action pistol shooting, so we removed the expansion-aiding skives. The result is a bullet that delivers the accuracy its sleek appearance promises.
  • NO EXPOSED LEAD:  A jam can cost the match for a competitive shooter, and that's why our copper jacket protects the nose of our HAP® bullet.
  • SWAGED CORE:  The core of the HAP® bullet is cold swaged from pure lead to deliver consistency, balance and stability in flight. It delivers pinpoint accuracy with every shot.
  • GILDING METAL JACKET:  The gilding metal jacket protects the nose and ensures smooth feeding.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Technical Notes

CALIBER:  9mm .355"






APPLICATION:  Target/Match


ITEM #:  355281

Read 6 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Great bullets

By Charles M. on May 27, 2020
Love these, and the price is great. I thought the cone-shape would be a feed problem but they are yet to hang-up on me. I've used about 1k of them so far.

These Just Work For Me

By John C. D. on Oct 25, 2019
These are very consistent in length and feed well in my Glock aftermarket barrels and my PCC. I have had trouble with the Glock barrels where some types of bullets can hit the rifling and not fall free after chambering. Even when the OAL is considerably shortened. With the PCC some bullets when feeding will set back into the case and may not even enter the chamber. Not so with the HAP bullets, they function very well when set to an OAL of 1.075 they will function in all my 9MMs. I will now only load the Hornady FMJ, XTP, and the HAP for my 9MMs without any concerns about functioning.

Hap bullets

By Josh H. on Jul 12, 2019
I was impressed with the Hornady Hap bullets. I am new to reloading I’ve found that these were the easiest bullets I have reloaded so far. I reloaded to Hornady specs. They worked very well in my Walter PPS M2 and Canik TPSFX. About a inch grouping at 15 yards with both pistols. I believe them to be legitimate and accurate. I will be buying these in 40 and 45 cal for sure.

115gr HAP Bullet

By Donald S. on Mar 09, 2019
Great accuracy at a very reasonable price....

It's Hornady, that says it all.

By James S. on Dec 31, 2018
Very accurate out of my Walther PPQ Q5 and my Kahr PM9's. And at close to the cost of lead or plated bullets, they can't be beat. One thing to keep in mind, the hollow point isn"t designed for expansion as one might think. It is designed to break up in a more desirable way when used on steel targets. The XTP's are a better choice for self defense or hunting loads.

Hornady HAP Bulk

By Robert C. on Jul 03, 2014
At this price point, I can practice with the HAP round, and Load the same XTP for defensive purposes, or Hunting. ( I happen to know a person who has taken 2 deer with his Pistol round Carbine)
Also - these are much more consistent in weight, shape & size than the plated bulk rounds I had been using (Rainier). So the wife enjoys a better practice session at the range.
Note- check the C.O.L. in your Pistol or Carbine for clearance, I had to reduce the COL quite a bit compared to my previous load. These have a longer bearing surface.
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