HORNADY 38c (.358) 148gr HBWC BULLET Swaged-Lead 250/BX

HORNADY 38c (.358) 148gr HBWC BULLET Swaged-Lead 250/BX
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Product Information

Hornady® lead pistol bullets are pre-lubricated and cold-swaged for total uniformity and balance. Our exclusive knurling system retains lubricant over the entire bearing surface to reduce leading in your barrel.

For cowboy shooters, authenticity is a strict requirement. That's why Hornady builds their Cowboy™ bullets to SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) specifications while holding them to the same stringent production standards as all their products.

  • CLASSIC & CONVENTIONAL DESIGN:  Traditional conical and flat designs have perfect symmetry when combined with knurling at the base of the bullet, which deliver increased stability and accuracy. This ensures proper positioning in authentic revolvers, with no unwanted nicking of primers as the cylinder turns.
  • SPECIAL KNURLING AND GREASE RING:  The knurling system holds an even distribution of lubricating wax over the bearing surface of the Cowboy™ bullet, resulting in less leading.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Technical Notes

CALIBER:  38 Cal. .358" HBWC

PRODUCT LINE:  Lead Bullets





APPLICATION:  Varmint < 50 lbs, Target/Match


ITEM #:  10208

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My Colt Loves Them

By Martin H. on Nov 04, 2020
These bullets shoot cloverleafs at fifty feet from my Colt Officer's Model Match over a light load of Titegroup. I haven't had a problem with excess lube, just a few very small flakes scraped off as the bullet is seated into the case. I'm very pleased and will but them againl.

Don’t push these too fast

By Craig C. on Oct 31, 2020
I’ve found these bullets in the past to provide excellent accuracy. However I took the advice of a gun writer that shall remain anonymous that these bullets could be pushed to +P velocities with no barrel leading. They cannot. Some individuals favor a wadcutter for purposes other than target shooting. Be that as it may, keep these in standard pressure velocity ranges and they will give excellent performance. As far as uniformity of lubricant is concerned, this particular box was fine. I did not count the contents.

Good news and bad news

By Jared C. on Oct 22, 2020
After another reviewer gave a mixed review, I counted a couple boxes of these bullets. The good news is that I get between 250 and 252 bullets. The bad news is that the observation of uneven lubricant that has to be scraped off some bullets is true. For lead bullets, these aren't cheap as you can generally get a coated wadcutter for about this cost from several good bulletmakers right here on Graf's. Acme or Missouri Bullet Co comes to mind. They are however, very uniform, in weight and appearance, and do not bulge cases. All that said, I am happy with these, and will buy again. A solid Hornady product, but they could do a little better for the price....maybe give us 300 for the same price...that would make up for the lube issues and value issue.

Slipping Quality

By Bruce J. on Jan 19, 2020
I usually buy 4 or 5 boxes of the 148 gr HBWC each year. The last bunch I bought left a lot to be desired. Previously the bullets were in separate bags in the boxes. Now they are dumped into tbe box. Previously the lube on the bullets was done perfectly. The lube in the most recent boxes was carelessly applied or perhaps just dumped into each box of bullets and tumbled around a bit. Many of the bullets had lube piled up on them to the extent that the lube had to be removed with a sharp knife before the bullet could be seated in the case. Noting the poor quality control, I decided to inventory the last box I opened, and found it four bullets short. Previously I could count on there being exactly 251 bullets in each box of 250. Clearly something has changed at Hornady.

Hornady wadcutter

By Salin D. on Aug 30, 2018
Not only are these superbly accurate, they also make great training loads for sure right!
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