Prvi Partizan Brass 8x57 Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50

Prvi Partizan Brass 8x57 Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50
Item #:PPC8X57
$0.82 per piece
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50 1 <none> $40.99 $40.99
500 10 Save 5% $38.94 $389.40
1000 20 Save 10% $36.89 $737.82
Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

Imported from Serbia. Fully reloadable brass cases. Accept boxer primers. This is not loaded ammunition.


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Prvi Partizan brass 8x57

By Carl K. on Aug 21, 2023
Prvi Partizan is the only 8mm brass I use. I find it to be consistent and ready to load right out of package. Also, this brass anneals very well.

8 X 57 PPU Brass

By David V. on May 08, 2023
Outstanding brass. Have found primer pockets on a lot of PPU brass to be very tight and therefore difficult to seat primers all the way. I chamfer the primer pockets with my carbide chamfer tool on RCBS Trim Mate briefly and makes it much easier to seat primers. I should have read above reviews first!

Time Will Tell

By Cody B. on Apr 24, 2023
I purchased this brass to form 9.3x57, having had decent experience reloading PPU 7x57 brass in the past. I found that some of the necks were battered out of round but that was a non-issue since you should always resize new brass. I used copious amounts of Lee lube and attempted to directly form 9.3x57 using Hornady Custom dies with the elliptical expander but found that it inevitably bulged the neck. However, once I incorporated an intermediate .338" expander stage I found that jt formed satisfactory. If online forums are to be believed you should be able to form 9.3x57 in a single stage from 8x57 brass but I did not find this to be the case with my particular die/brass/lube combo. Nonetheless, the price is right for this brass and it should be fine for hunting ammo.

Great brass for price

By Adam T. on Apr 19, 2023
Graf’s shipping and order process was fast. Brass is great for the money.

Nice brass

By David A. on Apr 12, 2023
Pricy but great quality. About as cheap as your going to find on internet. Fast shipping too.

8x57 brass

By Sam H. on Mar 06, 2023
Brass was in excellent condition and consistent measurements.

hard to find

By Dean G. on Mar 02, 2023
I have used alot of this brass. seems to work fine

Fast Delivery

By Scott F. on Feb 01, 2023
Great price
Good brass
Fast delivery
Will order for other calibers!

Good quality brass

By Jason Q. on Jan 18, 2023
Great product at a good price. I've never had a problem with any PPU product.

Good Quality Casings

By Richard W A. on Dec 09, 2022
I bought these to load 170 grain spitzer
Good quality brass hulls great product not too many around going to deer hunt with em
Going to try cast bullet loads next
Thank's Graf's

Good price

By Patrick A. on Nov 22, 2022
Good price primer pockets can be finicky about brand of primers though


By Allen G. on Nov 01, 2022
This brass is excellent and for the price it’s unbeatable

PPU 8x57 Brass

By Reece W. on Oct 31, 2022
Solid and reliable brass. Was hitting steel at 200 yards with it and a 170 grain bullet. Very easy to reload as the brass came in excellent shape.

Perfect cases, no beed to resize or fix the neck

By Vadym C. on Oct 10, 2022
In my case I got perfect cases with no need to fix any shape


By Walter J. E. on Jul 27, 2022
great brass, hard to find

Cheap and Reliable

By Cameron Z. on Mar 31, 2021
Fair quality brass at a reasonable price. Can't beat it.

Can’t beat it for the price!

By Chris A. on Jan 24, 2021
8x57 brass that is as consistent on length as any I’ve seen, has tight primer pockets and is free of all but minor dings.

PPU 8x57 Brass

By Ron E. on Jan 11, 2021
Very consistent in length and few if any dings.

PPU 8x57JS brass

By John W. on Dec 08, 2020
Great brass for my 98 Mauser 8x57JS rifle. Great quality at a great price. Will definitely buy more.

8x57 ppu brass

By John M. on Nov 05, 2020
What can you say about ppu brass. Top quality. Delivers many reloads in my german and spanish mausers. Even stands up to several firings in my Hakim, that is when I can find them. l.o.l.

Prvi Partizan 8x57 brass

By Jack M. on Oct 24, 2020
I like Prvi for all my different reloads. The quality is Good at a reasonable price.

quality at a good price

By Gilbert K. on Oct 08, 2020
This is good brass, which works well in my Hakim. I do not sort by weight for this rifle, but seem to get good consistant results.

good brass

By Gary B. on Oct 08, 2020
This brass is as good as other brands. I would recommend you use primer pocket reamer inside the case. Seems to be large stamping flash on inside. Otherwise easy to full length size.


By Glenn F. on Sep 22, 2020
Brass arrived packaged well with no damage. Brass loaded perfectly and runs like a champ in my Mauser.. Why buy used brass when Graf's has new at such a great price.

My Mauser Loves This!!!

By Greg S. on Aug 19, 2020
I could have paid more for a different brand of 8x57 brass, but why?? Prvi is easy to work with and I get consistently good performance!!!!!!

8mm brass

By James P. on Aug 11, 2020
Great brass at a good price.

prvi partizan 8x57 brass

By Ira P. on Aug 03, 2020
i have used ppu brass in all cal's 357,44-40 7.65 arg. mauser, and it all worked great.


By JAMES C M. on Jul 13, 2020

Great brass!

By Richard R. on Jun 16, 2020
I’ve used brass from a bunch of different manufacturers for several metric calibers. This PPU brass is as good as the best of them. It took very little effort to make some great ammo with this stuff.
I definitely will buy again.
And again.

Good brass good price

By David P. on Jun 11, 2020
First I have bought from PPU in this caliber. They consistently have a great product.

Excellent brass

By Johnnie M. on Mar 25, 2020
Well made brass that I use in both of my 98Ks. No defects in packet.

Good brass for the money

By Robert H. on Feb 18, 2020
I have used this brass before and had good results! All case's annealed from factory and free of defets and dents. Really fast shipping and excellent service from Graf and sons.

PPU 8mm Brass

By Rick P. on Jan 16, 2020
Found this stuff to be the best for my 24/47 and M48. Probably because it's from the same country and city (Same factory location actually) those two Classic Mauser were manu'd.

The neck comes annealed and brass is pre-lubed, something no other brass manu that I know of does. So that makes it plus for longevity.

Highly recommend it.

Graf and Sons did great on getting it to me fast as well. Will purchase from them more in the future!!!

Good Quality Brass Great Price

By Mason L. J. on Dec 30, 2019
I use PPU brass in four calibers with full bore loads, here are my accuracy loads: all shoot 1moa or better,, 8X57 196gr @ 2690 fps, 30-06 178gr @ 2728fps, 7.5X55 Swiss 168gr @ 2652 & 6.5X54MS 160gr @ 2450 fps:.. 8X57 reloaded (8) times trimmed (3) times got two (2) split necks on ninth firing,, 30-06 (6) reloads (2) trims with (1) split neck,, 7.5X55 (5) reloads (1) trim no splits yet,,
this is not match quality brass but at the price if you sort by weight and neck thickness you will get 85 or more out of 100 that are match ready

Good Quality

By Michael D. on Sep 21, 2019
First time using this brand. So far i like it a lot. A definite reorder.

8mm Prvi Brass

By Richard R. on Apr 15, 2019
I have used Prvi brass in the past. It has performed well. I think I will stay with this brand in the future,

Prvi Brass

By Richard R. on Apr 15, 2019
I have used Prvi brass in the past. It has preformed well.

Great consistency

By Chris P. on Apr 03, 2019
Checking headspace on random pieces from 3 different bags of same lot,yielded very low deviations, Weight was also pretty consistent. Definitely Plan on buying more.

Good brass

By Jared E. on Feb 26, 2019
Good consistent brass. Arrived on time with no dents or dings

PPU 8x57 Mauser unprimed brass

By Paul K. on Feb 23, 2019
I have always found PPU brass to be good quality. I shoot this in my old Yugo Mauser (WW2 bringback).

PPU 8mm Mauser

By Mark R. on Feb 14, 2019
The brass arrived in good shape no dents no dings would buy again.

8 x 57 unnprimed brass

By Clinton T. on Feb 07, 2019
Good casings no complaints still missing 1 pkg of 50 cartridges from last order

PPU 8x57

By Alex K. on Jan 16, 2019
Arrived well packaged, no obvious dings or neck damage.

PPU brass

By James P. on Dec 25, 2018
I have used this brand of brass new and used and it works great. This is especially great for hard to find caliber sizes if you are a range scrounger. Hard to find Boxer permeable in this caliber.

Prvi Partizan 8X57 brass

By Kenneth A. on Dec 18, 2018
Good Quality brass. Good price. Found primer pockets some what tight when seating Winchester large rifle primers with RCBS hand priming tool.
Employed RCBS Trim mate with primer crimp removal cutter to expand primer pocket radius to aid centering primer for seating.

Great Brass

By Steve M. on Dec 04, 2018
This is the only brass I use in my 8mm's because it is very consistent, plus it is already annealed.

Nice and Clean but primer pocket too small

By Robert B. on Nov 16, 2018
The brass is clean, but the primer pockets were too small in about 50% of the rounds.
The fix was easy as I have an RCBS swager for my press. But heads up. I was using CCI #200 Large Rifle Primers. I haven’t had this experience with other brass in the past. This was the first time using Prvi Partizan.

Prvi Partizan 8x57 brass

By Eric N. on Oct 13, 2018
I have purchased both 8x57 and 7x57 brass from this manufacturer. Consistent quality at a great price.

PPU 8x57 Brass

By Ken A. on Oct 05, 2018
I have used PPU brass from Graf in the 6.5 Swede and have been very happy with it. In the past I have used R-P brass for my 8x57 but it is no longer available, so PPU was a natural choice. By the way, Graf has always excelled at timely delivery of my orders. I ordered the 8x57 brass on Friday morning and it arrived on Monday, as promised. I always appreciate someone who gives great service and keeps their commitments. Thanks!

Prvi Partizan 8X57 brass

By Gerry E. on Sep 24, 2018
good price, quality brass, just follow instructions and neck size to even out any dings or whatever and you will be fine. I
have experience with a number of calibers and all have been good.

Good brass. Consistent. Well priced.

By John W. on Aug 06, 2018
I load PPU brass when ever I can.
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